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The Parents as Teachers home visiting model enables us to take a holistic and customized approach to the way we partner with families. We provide individualized services to meet the specific needs of each family we serve. Our goal is to help parents learn about their child's development, manage the challenges parents are currently facing, and connect families to resources and additional support as needed. See below to learn more about the program details. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us



Your Parent-Educator will regularily perform developmental screenings to ensure that your child is halthy, safe and developing on track. 

These screenings provide early detection for any concerns that may interfere with your child's development. 

We also provide referrals when needed.


Each month we host an event where you can connect with other families and resources in your community. 

Your Parent-Educator will tell you when there is an upcoming event. While we encourage you to attend, it is not mandatory.

You may also find our upcoming and past

group connections on our Facebook page here.


​​Parent Educators can connect you to local programs and services that can assist your family in meeting your goals. 

Whether it is going back to school, accessing the food bank, finding the right preschool or looking for housing your Parent Educator can help!


​​​Personal visits usually take place within your home and are conducted by a certified Parent-Educator. 

What we talk about during the visit is up to you and the current needs of your family.

The parent educator is there to bring you well researched information so that you can feel confident in all of your parenting desicions.

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